The Quantic Soul Orchestra - Tropadelico LP [True Thoughts]

The Quantic Soul Orchestra has sold over 60,000 albums worldwide to date and the music has been licensed to 100’s of compilations and TV programmes worldwide. The first three QSO albums pioneered the sound now being made popular by Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. Last year Mr Ronson phoned Will Holland (the man behind the QSO) to ask if he could help him put together the live Mark Ronson band with members of the QSO, which we think gives an indication as to how far the QSO sound has traveled.

This fourth album finds the QSO fusing Latin, Soul, Cumbia (a Colombian style of music) and Hip Hop with a funk production ethic. It embodies influences from a number of genres and the unmistakable QSO sound but with a new twist. Instead of a typical funk by numbers album, QSO takes it to the next level. This style has been influenced by Will’s relocation to Colombia where the album was recorded with local musicians as well as key UK members of the QSO (including super tight drummer Malcom Catto).

Will has recently returned to the UK to play Glastonbury, T In The Park, Oxygen and V Festival to a great response. No doubt helped by Quantic’s energetic Puerto Rican summer track ‘Mi Swing Es Tropical’ being featured on the recent UK iTunes advert.

This album will be released on CD, download and double vinyl (with every vinyl copy including a full CD release of the album inside the sleeve for free).

Quantic will be playing DJ sets throughout December and The Quantic Soul Orchestra will be doing a live tour in March 2008. Keep an eye on the Tru Thoughts website for details.

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