The Talented Mr Convenience CD [FYP / SoulGood]

This man is Mr Convenience. He was born in 1987, and grew up in Penzance, Cornwall. He soon followed in the footsteps of his older brother, MC Azreal, and began rapping at the age of fourteen, and progressed to playing at local night spots with the live Band; Carpe Diem. After the band split, along with MC Lexis and DJs Teretz, Pastyfari and Louis Jamaz together they formed the Beatechs.

Now though, he has this mixtape out via Farm Yard Produce and Soul Good Entertainment which is entitled The Talented Mr Convenience which is a hot 19 tracks deep. It is a compilation of exclusive tracks and live tracks and as such is designed to give you a not too serious idea of what Mr Convenience is all about.

The CD is sparked off with the sounds of the familiar Pearl & Dean adverts music before it is quickly into a great horn based mid tempo track in which Mr Convenience says what he is all about and calls for the listeners to put their hands high in the air. The CD moves on a pace with Feel So Good which samples up Nina Simone, but flips the beat in a nicely unsuspecting way. Mr Convenience has some flows to match the beat as well.

The Talented Mr Convenience CD [FYP / SoulGood]First Scene doesn’t really work for me as the vocal effects are just too much, but for an unfinished beat it is nice enough and finishes off with many quick snippets from tracks you’ll know to underline Convenience’s message. This pattern of snippets follows at the end of each track. Working Hard is altogether better. A low tempo track over which Mr Convenience explains his work ethic and how he is hustling 24/7.

So Damn Fresh has a fantastic bassline and features the first of the guest vocalists in the form of Lexis who smashes it altogether. Glasses High follows with its bouncy feel is more another insight into Mr Convenience rather than the rawcous party track I was expecting. Regardless the rhyming couplets sound nice on this. Gold Digga is a great take on Kanye’s recent single.

Stay Live features some familiar samples, but they are put together in a unique way and again we are confronted by what is actually quite an appealing concoction. The aim of the CD is to make people feel the music and downbeat vibe of Anthem For The Doomed Youth, the up-tempo party track that is Everybody Inside and the backward looking Long Time which also features Cheshire Khat definitely do this.

More makes use of some great guitar licks and Convenience delivers his usually high standard of raps. So Hot is one of those relaxing summery vibed tracks and the whole CD rounds off with Mr Convenience doing a chilled set of shout outs. There is also a secret track at the end of the CD, which is a bit of a jumble, but is in more of a bouncy vibe, but really it feels a bit thrown in and possibly isn’t necessary.

I am sure many teens will be able to recognise elements of their concerns, thoughts and opinions in Mr Convenience’s work as he raps about drugs, drink, the ups and downs of life, girls and partying.

The majority of the production is by Harry Craze himself and SoleStep. Bristol based beatsmith Kasio also features and there is an impressive line up of MCs as well. The guest spots include: Lexis, SoleStep, and the aforementioned Cheshire Khat. The CD also features the beatbox talents of Audible Porno, an artist we have told you about before.

With the sheer amount of mix CDs out there at the moment you could do worse than pick this one up…

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