ThisIsDA - Super Arkane LP [Indie]

I'm very excited to say that ThisIsDA is finally here! Super Arkane is the debut album from up-and-coming Bristol rapper ThisisDA, produced entirely by Manchester's Mankub. Super Arkane is now available for free download. It's been great to see such anticipation brewing around this record and I promise it's been worth the wait. The record already has some great supporters in Blu, The Bullitts, Scroobius Pip and Anthony Fantano.

Having already received praise from artists and critics alike, Super Arkane is easily one of the strongest debut records to come from the UK in a long time and is already transcending international boundaries.

"I can confidently say that the UK is yet to produce a sound like Super Arkane", says ThisisDA. "I wanted the tracklist to follow the format of Ready To Die whilst giving a similar feeling that The College Dropout gave me". Having written and recorded the album between the ages of 17 and 18, it's almost inconceivable that such a young artist has independently crafted a project of such quality.


Although he hails from the UK, born in London before relocating to Bristol, ThisisDA doesn't see Super Arkane as being a release that should only be enjoyed by his fellow Brits. "I genuinely feel that England doesn't appreciate authentic Hip-hop when it comes from the same country. They've grown too accustom to wannabe "trap" rap and mc's who get away with their style", he explains. "I'm about to change all that. People need to know that I'm not a "UK rapper". I don't make music exclusively for UK citizens. I'm just an articulate spirit who knows how to express himself. You can hear that in the album".

The impressively coherent release demonstrates ThisisDA's complex flow patterns and intelligent articulation. The 17 tracks include only the vocals of ThisisDA himself apart from 'Taking Over' which sees him assisted by songstress Temz. "The aim of the album is to tell my story in an entertaining way", he says. "I need it to share my feelings and emotions, not those of others".

After a solid run of singles including the likes of 'Lifers', 'Elysium', and 'Gridlock', ThisisDA has received coverage from the likes of Earmilk, Noisey, The Needle Drop, SB.TV, BBC, Mechanical Dummy leaving the full release with a lot to live up to.


01. Intro
02. Lifers
03. Deadlines To Headlines
04. Good Thing
05. SAMO©
06. *BLANK*
07. The Deformation
08. Elysium
09. Electric Cocaine
10. Square Off
11. Circa '98
12. Money Under Everything
13. Gridlock
14. Ladies (In The Place)
15. Taking Over ft. Temz
16. Algorerhythm
17. 6 Rounds

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