Triple Darkness - The Heresy Presents: Anathema CD [Higher Heights]

Hip hop has reached a stage where rappers, breakers and all other active members find themselves becoming increasingly labelled. The word rapper usually follows one of two prefixes – ‘gangster’ or ‘conscious’. Although few can truly fall entirely into one category.

Heresy can’t be labelled as they work on so many levels. However the word ‘conscious’ does come to mind. Street integrity combined with intellectual confidence, all rolling over smartly diverse beats.

This album in itself is highly conscious. They have somehow managed to soufflé a rare blend of dark mindset and thought provoking lines with palpitating distinct beats. They’re defying the ego defence mechanism. There is no denial, no repression, no suppression and no unrealistic rationalisation. Plus no displacement of responsibility and ability, they work their hardest, themselves. And with no projection of their own mistakes and humanity onto weaker targets, they provide a humble yet intense narration of real life.

They guys have had their epiphany. And now they want their revolution.

Their bold statements leave any hip hop soul with no doubt to Heresy’s rightfully earned place within UK hip hop. They also prove that consciousness and active faith exist well past the 20th Century and Americans such as Talib Kweli.

These guys fully satisfy Rakim’s illustration of a cipher – 120 degrees of Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding.

Any critics who believe MCs are limited to monosyllables and gun talk who be silenced by the guys awareness and unpredictable language. This is particularly evident with an aptly placed reference to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” – in which any hope at equality is challenged by the faults of human nature.

Anathema doesn’t just speak to you in a way you can’t help but engage with – it hits you. Not because the lyrics are hollow yet catchy or the picture on the front is offensive or bling. None of these are true of Heresy. They don’t need gimics to prove their worth.

It hits you because of the ideas, the mind state and confrontational step forward they take away from their own comfort zones and the general conformity of the rest of us. And with a third addition, Melanin9, joining them for a Triple Darkness release on the way, these guys are undoubtedly gonna be providing us with hit after hit after hit.

By Nino


01. Intro
02. Anathema
03. Macanations
04. Politikin ft. M9
05. Heresy ft. Kyza
06. Snakes And Ladders
07. Pyramid Wars
08. Guerilla Penmanship ft. Skriblah Dan Gogh
09. Gods Of The New Millennium
10. Thousand Cut Torture
11. Vagina Monologues ft. D21
12. Leviathan ft. Blind Alphabets
13. Children Of The Matrix ft. Blasphemy
14. Outro ft. Amenoir

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