TrueMendous - Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson

TrueMendous has released her debut album Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson. Alongside the album she has also released her fifth single Mood Ring with a music video that has dropped via High Focus Records.

Exemplifying her skills as a rapper and wordsmith the 17-track project delves into the mind of the Birmingham rapper and shows the many facets to her creativity. The album draws on numerous genres and explores a sound that delves into the world of Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop and Neo-Soul.


In the last four months TrueMendous has delivered a total of four insanely creative music videos for singles taken from the project. This includes ‘Cause A Scene‘, ‘Worst Child‘ featuring Rozzz, ‘You Don’t Wanna/ Y‘ and ‘Mood Ring‘.

Mood Ring is a skippy track that details unpredictability and emotional instability in a relationship. The track has been heavily supported by the likes of Shortee Blitz and MK, DJ Target and fellow Brum native Lady Leshurr.

As one of the UK’s most dynamic and exhilarating rappers, TrueMendous is incomparable. Her music is packed with statements, a point to prove and a refreshingly undiluted determination to deliver her music, her way. Executing a weighty 17 tracks in its entirety, the album is a complete representation of TrueMendous and without a doubt, her most accomplished body of work to date.


Releasing on the ground-breaking, Brighton based hip-hop label High Focus Records, the album features production from Dirty Dike, Illinformed, Chemo, Wundrop, Mark Fear and more as well as guest vocals from the legendary Masta Ace, Kofi Stone and Rozzz.

A selection of tracks has floodlit the way to the album release, starting with the aptly named Cause A Scene – a torrent of vigour, razor sharp flows and powerful lyricism that was received by thunderous applause. Sophomore release Worst Child, a conscious Hip-Hop number demonstrating an introspective side to the Birmingham rapper, followed soon after, premiering with Jack Saunders on BBC Radio 1. Produced by Illinformed, the record was teamed with a visual that captured the heart of London Town, from the iconic venue Chip Shop in Brixton, to outside shots filmed in Camden, TrueMendous showcased the spirit of the city through the transcending backdrops of her enthralling music video. 

Continuing to set the standard at stellar levels TrueMendous reached new heights with the double hit of intricately lyrical You Don’t Wanna, which teased the sleek and soulful Y that was released in its entirety a week later.


Marking a prodigious milestone in her accelerating career, TrueMendous displays a new depth to her artistry with the Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson. Leaning on the connotations of the title, that also acts as homage to Lauryn Hills’ ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, the musicality demonstrates the many dimensions to TrueMendous as an artist, which allows her significance as one of the modern-day hip-hop figures to be appreciated in all of its glory.  

Preserving a strong presence within the world of Hip Hop over the last seven years and hailed as ‘one to watch out for’ by Akil The MC from the legendary Hip Hop crew Jurassic 5, making her TV debut in the 2020 Christmas Pepsi Max and McVities adverts and landing singles on the Adidas ‘COLD.RDY’ campaign, as well as the FIFA 21 Soundtrack, the career of TrueMendous had already been pinpointed for an exciting year. Shattering the confines of genres, incorporating Hip Hop with Neo-soul, Jazz and Pop, the new 17-track opus delivers on every expectation and more. 

With the release adding to an expansive portfolio that spans six independent projects and an EP with High Focus Records, her work rate is equally impressive outside of the studio too. In 2019 she secured an impressive 11 festivals slots, including Glastonbury, Leeds and Reading where she opened up on the BBC 1Xtra stage. Through the course of her career, she has also performed at 10 venues across Atlanta and North Carolina, which includes opening up the UK stage at A3C Festival in Atlanta.


She has also graced the Lovebox lineup and performed at the likes of Gloucester’s ‘King’s Jam’ festival, Chip Shop in Brixton and both Exit and Sea Dance Festival, which took place in Novi Sad, Serbia and Montenegro. She was also one of the leading artists on the ‘Queens of Art’ tour and it was the first ever UK all female hip hop tour, which was later covered by the BBC.  

Presenting a truly unique body of work, TrueMendous lends her distinctive flow and a sound layered with precision, to an amalgamation of fiery, raw, soulful and weighted bars that are seasoned immaculately with powerful lyricism and unrelenting production. The result is a celebration of hip-hop culture with contemporary understanding applied and an album that will be filed alongside the greats for years to come.

The album has been quoted as, “a celebration of Hip Hop with contemporary understanding applied. Misdiagnosis Of Chyvonne Johnson is the most accomplished work to date from Truemendous”.

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TrueMendous - Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson

1.    Cause A Scene – Prod. Winchester
2.    Probably Right [Too] – Prod. Chemo
3.    Y Ft Kofi Stone – Prod. Illinformed
4.    Worst Child ft. Rozzz – Prod. Illinformed
5.    Selfish Behaviour ft. Daliso – Prod. Lowpass Luke
6.    You Don’t Wanna – Prod. Wundrop
7.    You Don’t Like Me Because – Prod. Dirty Dike
8.    Free Food Ft Janel Antoneshia – Prod. Winchester
9.    Crying of Laughter – Prod. Wundrop
10.  Spirit & Breanna – Prod. Wundrop
11.  Mood Ring – Prod. Lennis Dynamiks
12.  BROWKEEE – Prod. Mark Fear
13.  Tick The Box [Part 2] – Prod. Chemo
14.  Emmett Till Ft Masta Ace – Prod. Dirty Dike
15.  V.I.R.A.L Ft Obi Rudo – Prod. Wundrop
16. Petty You, Petty Me – Prod. Lowpass Luke
17.  Yvonne’s Daughter – Prod. Mark Fear


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