Truth & Soul - Fallin' Off the Reel CD [Truth & Soul]

When Soul Fire Records officially retired in 2004, Soul Fire house musicians Leon Michels and Jeff Silverman started their own label, Truth & Soul, which has now become a label and production house based out of Brooklyn, NY that specializes in creating deep funk and soul music.

They have released a slew of 7" and 12" vinyl releases by bands such as Bama & The Family, Lee Fields & the Expressions, Asiko and many more. Both Michels and Silverman produce, perform on, engineer, and mix all of the label's releases and productions.

Fallin' Off the Reel Vol. 2 follows the success of Truth and Soul's first edition of the compilation, Fallin' Off the Reel, released in the fall of 2006. The forthcoming second-edition Truth and Soul compilation boasts a varied roster of current-day and older funk and soul artists, including Timothy McNealy, El Michels Affair, Bronx River Parkway, Lee Fields & The Expressions, Tyrone Ashley's Funk Music Machine, Black Velvet, Quincy Bright and The Fabulous Three.

From the laid-back, stripped-down soul tune "I'm So Glad You're Mind" by Timothy McNealy to the hip-hop influenced, Hispanic funk groove "La Valla" by Bronx River Parkway ft. Jose Parla, the compilation comprises a wide selection of contemporary music that has descended from the rhythm and blues, soul and funk music traditions. Fallin' Off The Reel Vol. 2 has every Truth & Soul 45 single presented in chronological order from 2006 until now (available for the first time on CD), including one previously unreleased bonus track.

The Fallin' Off the Reel Vol. 2 compilation CD is released on Truth and Soul on March 11th. Truth and Soul's involvement with releases from Amy Winehouse and members of Wu-Tang Clan, as well as their reputation for releasing high quality soul and funk music, makes the release of this compilation highly anticipated.

Truth & Soul

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