UK Runnings Presents Digital Revolution - Volume 6 - Hosted by Skriblah DanGogh LP [UK Runnings]

It's been over a year since Tricksta dropped a volume of his UK Runnings 'Digital Revolution' mixtape series, as he took a break to complete his debut album 'Out Of Darkness Cometh Light', an explosive sixteen track album that features over forty-five UK Rappers. Now signed to leading UK urban label RGS Entertainment, Tricksta's alum is now due for release in the Spring 2012. So back at it, and the series that has so far seen LATE host volume one, M9 host volume two, Tbear host volume three, Big Cakes host volume four and Iron Braydz host volume five, is finally back.

Enter Skriblah DonGogh from Terra Firma, the talented rapper and producer who has been tearing up stages for years with an extensive list of features and solo releases. More recently he releases his superb long player 'The Little White Dot' which features production from the likes of Beat Butcha, DJ Slademan, Sleeping Giants, Suspect, Mac One & Smasher with guest features from D.ablo, Smasher, Diam Ruff and Sparrow.

Skriblah is known for his on point delivery as well as giving the listener a variety of concepts, which is one of the many reasons his music is so well received. Here we get a twenty track mixtape that features three tracks from Skriblah including the title track from his album, as well as two previously unreleased remixes from the album. Make sure you take the time to download one 2011's best UK Hip-Hop mixtapes. Be on the look out for more UK Runnings mixtapes coming real soon.

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UK Runnings Presents Digital Revolution - Volume 6 - Hosted by Skriblah DanGogh LP [UK Runnings]

Track List:

01. Skriblah DanGogh – Intro
02. Skriblah DanGogh – The Little White Dot
03. Kingpin Feat Kyza, Manage, Stig Of The Dump, Dubbledge – Fire Remix
04. Ray Vendetta Feat. Cyrus Malachi, M9 & Teknical Development – Whistle Stop
05. LATE Feat. Jabba Tha Kut – Enter The Sector
06. Skriblah DanGogh – Welcome to the Real World Remix
07. Iron Braydz – DMC
08. Phoenix Da Icefire – Back To The Essence
09. Big Cakes & Raggo Zulu Rebel – Come Around
10. Big Dutty Deeze – I Rep Mine
11. Sir Tomz Feat. Nih'illi – What You Know About
12. Stylah – Mad
13. Lifescarz aka Mic Terror Feat. Farma G – Its So Hard
14. Skriblah DanGogh – SOS Remix
15. Ms Tempz – Realize
16. Genesis Elijah – Crazy World
17. Supar Novar – No Favours
18. Ruthless – Given Up
19. Big Ben – Tomorrow
20. Skriblah DanGogh – Outro

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