Uncle Mic Nitro - Vincent on Horseback

Southampton’s Uncle Mic Nitro aka Alex Churton has said this will be his final album. This is a shame, but although this will be his fourth album releases have been somewhat sporadic of late. Reasoning for this, in his own words is that he is, “now far too fat and old lol“.

Dating back to the Dark Craftsmen, Uncle Mic Nitro has manages to cobble together a stellar collection of MCs and DJs to join him on the venture.

Starting the year with an absolute nuclear blast, Uncle Mic Nitro is pulling absolutely no punches as bars get raised across the whole board as he presents his latest project – “Vincent on Horseback” in association with B-Line Recordings and Hip Hop Be Bop.

This is pretty much straight up Britcore on occasion and despite all the guests this is cohesive piece of work. Absolute OG legends are pushed up next to new school UK artists, but we don’t have any detracting from one another.

Speaking on the release UMN stated, “I have tried to feature some artists I know, some that I love and some that are coming up in the industry“. We would says this this is a winning combination!

UMN continued, “The album bounces along with straight up Boom Bap tracks mixed with much deeper songs“. Again this is a good description of what to expect. Get strapped in for 11 tracks you won’t want to miss out on.

This is all packaged together with Conor Harrington style artwork by John Dyer.

Guest Features include:

Joe Burn, Ced Gee, Ramson Badbonez, AJ, Specifik, Juga-Naut, Noah Churton, Klashnekoff, Micall Parknsun and Greg Blackman

Cuts by: Krash Slaughta, DJ Tones, JabbathaKut

Production: Ollie Knight, Ryan Mac, Featurecast, Krash Slaughta, Djar One, Speaks, Uncle Mic Nitro and Micall Parknsun

The album is pressed on neon yellow vinyl and comes with face mask and stickers while stocks last.: https://hiphopbebop.com/product/uncle-mic-nitro-vincent-on-horseback/

Lemonade featuring Juga-Naut and JabbaTheKut video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_JbYGsUglY

Uncle Mic Nitro - Vincent on Horseback

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