Up 2 Know Good - Up 2 Know Good

Dezi-Belle Records presents the eponymous debut release from Hip Hop Supergroup ‘Up 2 Know Good‘ consisting of Manchester based producer Broom Man and London based MC duo – Dot.I and Bad FX.

‘Up 2 Know Good’ is a classically-styled Boom Bap project, heavily reminiscent of the 90’s golden-era – full of fantastically looped and chopped samples sprinkled with heavy, head-nodding drum grooves. Dot.I and Bad FX are given free reign to demonstrate their fantastic chemistry and mic’ presence as they bounce off each other effortlessly, lacing the production with their homegrown style of laid back, thought provoking Hip Hop.

The group have released two singles on the build up for the album – ‘Normally Different‘ and ‘Doors of Perception‘ which have given listeners a small sample of the many delights contained within the album. ‘Up 2 Know Good’ is available everywhere from October 17th with a limited edition of 50 vinyl copies also available via Dezi-Belle Records.

All lyrics performed by: Dot.I and Bad FX
Produced by: Broom Man
Guest verses from: Ray Vendetta and Noel.Is


Bad FX

Broom Man

Dezi-Belle Records

Track List:

  1. Intro
  2. Normally Different
  3. Get Around
  4. Up 2 Know Good
  5. Thin Line
  6. AgeAData
  7. Grimey Bars
  8. Watch The Swing
  9. Vex
  10. Let It Go
  11. Risk Of Rain
  12. Doors Of Perception
  13. I
  14. Outro
  15. BroomFXanI

Normally Different (Video)

Doors Of Perception (Video)

Up 2 Know Good - Up 2 Know Good

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