Various - A Party Jam For A Not Average Man CD [Gordon Bennett]

Not content with having the Canaries AND the beloved Delia Smith, Norwich now has Gordon Bennett Records (great name, I know) to be proud of too! (And yes, that's all I know about Norwich). It's their 'positive yet comical outlook' that reminds you that 'Oh yeah, Hip Hop's meant to be fun innit?!'

On 'Take The Sun Away', Diagnostik demonstrates the angle from which GB are coming: 'It's getting a little bit difficult trying to be original / Tasting the talented run-off and the creative residual'… well he kinda does, that second bit sounds cool but its the first line that makes sense to me: it's not easy to make good, original Hip Hop, it's meant to be hard but these guys have tried and have pulled it off.

Featuring artists with strange names such as Crow Stick, Purple Turkey and Chuck Dangerfield this cheeky compilation will appeal to those fans of all that Hip Hop coming straight outta Brighton, Norwich must be also riding and surviving off those good time vibes too. Raptilian provides us here with the ingeniously entitled track 'Pass the Parcel', I mean, who doesn't love Pass the Parcel?!

It's not just Hip Hop here, that oddly coloured poultry provides some breaksy beats and some comedy Scruff-esque type trumpety goodness. This really could provide you with a nice little soundtrack to a gathering of you and your mates (as long as you're not the average type of blokes / blokessess that is) and all you have to do is visit Gordon Bennett's website, send them a quick email and they'll send you a download link! Another Freebee CD for y'all to vibe wit' and meanwhile, try these for size:

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Various - A Party Jam For A Not Average Man CD [Gordon Bennett]

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