Various Artists - Bite Harder CD [De Wolfe]

The world’s largest independent production music library, de Wolfe Music, is set to release its first commercial album. De Wolfe will re-issue some of the finest tracks from the depths of its back-catalogue as a series of collectable compilations. The albums will each be themed and will group sought-after film cues and production music into similar respective genres and styles.

The series will begin with the release of Bite Harder on the 29th October 2007, cat. number DWCR001. The album collects some rare slices of the finest ‘70s production music breakbeats, loungecore, funk and psychedelic rock, featuring the finest musicians of the era: Herbie Flowers, Barry Morgan, Johnny Hawksworth, The Electric Banana and Ronnie Verrell all make an appearance.

Many of the tracks on Bite Harder have been sampled by major artists such as Beyonce (Nick Ingman’s Down Home used in that Pink Panther song), High And Mighty (Simon Haseley’s Hammerhead) and Kool G Rap (Roger Jackson’s Flashpoint). Other artits who have sampled the original ‘70s funk and rare grooves on here include, Rhianna and Cam’ron. The album is essentially a sequel to the highly sought after Bite Hard album, which consisted of licensed de Wolfe tracks and was released by B.B.E. Records in 1998. It will also receive a highly limited release on vinyl.

The compilation features some of the finest session players of the era, including:

• Herbie Flowers (bass on Walk On The Wildside, general session bassist legend)
• Barry Morgan (Elton John and Bee Gees drummer in the 70’s)
• Johnny Hawksworth (jazz bassist extra-ordinaire)
• The Electric Banana (a.k.a. 60’s cult legends The Pretty Things)
• Alan Hawkshaw (The Shadows, Mohawks and composer of Grange Hill theme tune!)
• Ronnie Verrell (Ted Heath Band and ‘Animal’ from the muppets, amongst others)
and more…

Some of the key tracks to look out for include:

• Crater – Alan Parker
• Street Girl – Peter Reno (The Electric Banana a.k.a. The Pretty Things)
• Underlay No3 – Jack Trombey
• Hammerhead – Simon Haseley
• Gloaming – Ludovic Decosne & Peirre Daubresse
• Sandy Beach – Johnny Hawksworth

The Bite Harder compilation is released on 29th October 2007 and will be available for download.

Forthcoming volumes in 2007 will include Kung Fu Super Sounds – An Anthology Of Music From Shaw Brothers Films, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus – The Complete Soundtrack Music (with extensive notes by the original Pythons).

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