Various Artists - Evolution Of Hip Hop Vol. 2 CD [Hip Hop Informant]

The Hip Hop Informant is back with the second volume of his Evolution Of Hip Hop Series. Its billed as a mixtape and I'm not sure why as this is a simple compilation. Regardless the selection of tracks is top notch and an eye-opener to the sheer variety of Hip Hop that is available out there right now. There is a grime feel to some of the tracks, but that is not to say that there isn't a few boom bap classics in there as well as a few obligatory shout outs, (propers to Natureboy Rowe who even shouts out!!).

This is a bumper package with 30 tracks and the calibre of the artists is testament to the Hip Hop Informant's selection process.

Upfront we are treated to a few UK tracks, 777 known to me as an internet rapper proves that he is much more than that with Remix Baby. Mikey Faceless follows with I Remember which features E from the lost. Its a track immediately standing out a a very tasty morsel with fresh horns neatly placedfor an upbeat stomper.

I have to say that the quality of the mixdowns on each track is not uniform, with some of the tracks having a more puny or noisy feeling which makes them not stand out like some of the others.

Natureboy Rowe has four tracks on here, track 14 – 16 Candy Thang which features Pimp C and is produced by Rick Flare, When I Roll Up and Gotta Get It with Girls Gone Wild later.

There is a Authentic Bros. section where they offer up a couple of tracks. They're a duo we interviewed recently and whilst its true that some of their tracks can be a bit poppy and synthersizery these offerings are hard and much better.

Towards the end, Simple Samples offer up A Day In The Life – a clever story rap in which the MCs take the place inturn of a druggie theif, a shop owner and hilariously a Community Support Officer. We have supported these guys for a while and this track clearly demonstrates the skills that the crew have to offer.

The compilation is available for download now from

Track List:

01. Simple Samples Drop
02.777 Remix – Simple Samples ft. Baby
03. I Remember – Mike Faceless ft. E from the L.O.S.T
04. Unforgivable Blackness – Hired Gun
05. Play Me – Hired Gun
06. Articulate Drop
07. The New Street Kings -Wordsmith ft. Articulate & Black Knight
08. Bullet Drop
09. Mr Robotic – Bullet
10. Sha Stimuli Drop
11. Gotta Get $ – Sha Stimuli
12. Hit em Up – Sha Stimuli
13. Candy Thang – Natureboy Rowe ft. Pimp C
14. When I Roll Up – Natureboy Rowe
15. Gotta Get It – Natureboy Rowe
16. London Drop – Falken August
17. Guns On Safety – CAUSE
18. Authentic Bros Drop
19. Angels & Demons – Authentic Bros
20. Power – Authentic Bros
21. Beginning Of The End – Poetic Pilgrimage
22. Intergalactic Sol – Poetic Pilgrimage
23. Ghetto Amerikkka – Lottery
24. Girls Gone Wild – Natureboy Rowe
25. A Day In The Life – Simple Samples
26. KM Drop
27. Knock You Down Remix – KM
28. Casanova – Yung Kurt (Bonus Summer Track)

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