Various Artists - The Move Volume 2 LP [Tokyo Dawn Records]

The elusive Tokyo Dawn Records brings us yet another fuse of atoms and elements with their latest instalment entitled The Move Volume 2. On this 15 track compilation which marinade influences of Hip Hop, Soul and House music, It’s nothing that you wouldn’t expect from TDR. But there are some very nice touches on this full length player.

The tracks that made my cochlea vibrate are, Positive FlowChildren of the Sun featuring Heidi Vogel, Roy AnandaThe Only Thing That Makes Sense is You, featuring Pete Simpson, SoulParlorBe There and EneeksI Do This.

However the stand out track for me, is Lyric LAppreshelove produced by Stephen BAM Busette. L takes you on an experiential journey of love and emotions, all neatly woven together in a way that only Lyric L knows how. This is all beautifully morphed by the obscure Hip Hop veteran Stephen BAM Busette of the legendary Scientists Of Sound. Formerly known in another life as Bam Bam aka Bob Eskimo, he has reincarnated on this joint to deliver sound waves that I’m sure you will all appreciate.

The Move Volume 2 is out now on Tokyo Dawn Records.

By: Kwaku Kwaku

Various Artists - The Move Volume 2 LP [Tokyo Dawn Records]

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