Various - Nobody Fronted Us LP [FrontStreet Records]

Is anybody buying Records Anymore? Since ’07 record sales have decreased 16.5% according to Neilsen soundscan and are showing no signs of improving. Since the emergence of digital distributors (iTunes, Amazon, etc…) most artists find it difficult to go gold, let alone platinum. It is almost impossible to break a new artist in this day and age, which is why it is imperative to use more aggressive marketing strategies when branding a Record Company in the 21st Century.

That brings us to the new FrontStreet / IMG release entitled “Nobody Fronted Us”. This 10 song composition is a Compilation, not a mixtape! There are no industry beats and no samples. Just all-original material from independent powerhouse FrontStreet Records. This first installment of the three part series features Production by FSR’s in house Production Team leader Thirty (who has produced tracks for Stat Quo, Rick Ross, MC Breed, Dayton Family, etc…) and has vocals from Oseeola, Jab, Braulio and Gayle. One thing is for sure; “Nobody Fronted Us” is not to be taken lightly!

The most featured artist on the compilation is Detroit’s own Oseeola. You can hear Oseeola deliver superb lyrics with a very distinct and unique style not often heard in Hip Hop these days. Tracks like “Ditto”, Like a Rocket” and “20/20 Vision” will grab any underground fans attention, while songs like Cupcake” and “Bad Chick” are perfect for radio and clubs. The art of story telling is also resurrected on the Jab single “Gun Control” in which Jab takes you on a journey through the chain of events that lead up to a robbery gone entirely wrong (check out the surprise ending).

But what would good beats and rhymes be without hooks? That is where Braulio comes in. The Angola born phenomenon operates as a spark plug throughout the whole compilation and really brings life to songs like “20/20”, “They Gotta Love It”, and “Bad Chick” with catchy choruses and a sound that is truly infectious. Full of life and energy, Braulio is equally as comfortable singing a hook as he is performing a verse (often in Portuguese).

Comparisons aside, “Nobody Fronted Us” really lives up to the title. Nobody gave FrontStreet Records anything; they had to get it themselves. They produced, recorded, mixed and mastered the entire project from start to finish and now you have the opportunity to be a part of this experience. The CD is available on

With FrontStreet / IMG’s non traditional marketing strategies and ability to not only change with the times but change the times they are on pace to becoming a Fortune 500 company in no time. And with their undeniable & unmistakable sound this first compilation will leave you impatiently waiting for the next one. Just remember, it’s a Compilation, not a Mixtape!

Various - Nobody Fronted Us LP [FrontStreet Records]

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