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Vee Kay brings us the next instalment from Sweatbox Sounds, Normalized, a free download EP of Remixes and Mash Ups. Featuring remixes of US classics and UK up and comers, this is a taster of whats to come from Sweatbox in 2010.

Starting things off right is Daft 500, a mash up that Vee Kay did back in the early part of 2009. Mashing up Ghostface's classic Daytona 500 with Daft Punk's infamous Robot Rock, Vee grabs a hold of the original original tune and re does it the way he does best. A stonker which has had play in clubs from Bristol to France, and on to Holland, this track has gone on to garner airplay on radio shows all across the UK and cause a stir in the Mash Up genre.

Next up we have Mos Def's Mathematics, mellowed out somewhat with its bubbling bass line and rolling pianos… perfectly setting the scene for Mos to paint a picture. Vee Kay next unleashes Sirens by Dizzee Rascal. This has been the tune that has kept Vee Kays name on peoples lips coming into 2010, mixing up the acapella of one of Dizzee Rascals biggest hits and some typical banging drums. A club paced bassline lets the track push along nicely, played throughout clubs nationwide since January.

One of Dialect's biggest tunes from their album D. Day next gets the Vee Kay treatment. Grand Slam featuring Copywrite from stateside was originally penned to a lovely reggae type track, but Vee has flipped all of this on its head and thrown it out there with a deep funk feel and cracking drums, this track is also available on Chattabox & Samuel Otis's forthcoming CD "Hard Graft" (Watch out for Vee Kay teaming up with Chattabox, Samuel Otis & FULL live band at gigs in 2010!!)

Little Bit Of Feel Good is exactly what we get next, with a remix of Jamie Lidells 2008 track given the "hip Hop" treatment, but sod that, it's got a nice summery feel to it so why not!?

Up next is a remix of The Delusionists track Natures Way, another summery track that perfectly sits in the background while Ben Black regales tales of what became his next ex. Watch out for more original tracks coming soon from Vee Kay & Ben Black.

This couldn't be a Sweatbox release without a remix from the Sweatbox catalogue. To round this off is Out On The Razz from Mr Loop's album The Bury'All (available from iTunes by the way……) featuring Rapskallions and Yosh. Here we have something a little more electronic from Vee Kay, with a nice and fuzzy baseline and a synth to end it all which wouldn't be out of place in the Discoteques of Russia… well… you never know…

So there you have it, a FREE EP of goodness from Vee Kay which has been put out in the world wide web for you to download and enjoy. Imagine that!

Release Date: 08/03/2010

Download Link:


1. Daft 500 – Ghostface Killah/Daft Punk
2. Mathematics – Mos Def
3. Sirens – Dizzee Rascal
4. Grand Slam – Dialect ft Copywrite
5. Little Bit Of Feel Good – Jamie Lidell
6. Natures Way – Delusionists
7. Out On The Razz – Rapskallions & Yosh

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