Verb T - Serious Games LP [YNR Productions]

Verb T could be the hardest working man in showbitchness. He could also be worthy of the title ‘UK rap legend’. New offering, Serious Games, is the latest addition to a body of mainly classic records and is, as expected, an unbridled triumph.

The guest list is a roll call of the scene’s elite players (Kyza, Fliptrix, Kashmere, Dubbledge, etc.) but it’s Verbs who shines brightest here. What really sets him apart is his knack for oscillating effortlessly between philosophical musing and acerbic braggadocio – all delivered in that trademark blasé drawl – and over these 18 songs / skits you really get the sense of an artist who’s grown into himself.

The production, handled by Jon Phonics, Chemo, JJ Malone and Verbs himself, marries futuristic sheen with genuine depth, ranging from satisfyingly straight up bangers to more experimental flourishes. Whether it’s the hands in the air urgency of Sound The Alarm, the undeniable bounce of Life is… or the relentless lyrical onslaught of Tearing the Sky Down, this sounds like a Hip Hop album for the here and now, made with the past fresh in mind and dues well and truly paid. Support this.

By: Max Weldon

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