Verbal Skillz - The Guillotine Album LP [2-Bit Records]

The Guillotine Album is an old school, real talk hip hop album from UK emcee Verbal Skillz. The album features tracks from US rap legend Masta Ace on M@NKIND and Emceekilla, from Caxton Press on a track called Characters. The album has 12 tracks, including two bonus beats, a reworking of Dark Days and a remix of Lacking Minerals.

There are the deep thought provoking tracks Mankind, GR££D, The Town and Who Cares, all aimed to get you thinking. Then you have Voodoo Girl and Characters both clever beats with a relaxed message. Uncle Stixino is an old school type dedication to DJ Stix, rounded off with killer hard hitting throw down beats, The Guillotine and Battle Skit.

Production comes from heavyweight producer DJ Stix. Overall there is a mix of styles throughout the record with a mix of clever rhymes, dope cuts, heavy beats, turntablism and a collection of songs to rival many LPs out now. Being an independent release by the artist, adds even more weight to this record and the depth of work achieved.

Verbal Skillz

The whole LP was recorded at 'The Gimp Chamber Studios' which Verbal Skillz and DJ Stix put together and is where they produce most of their work.

Release Date: 22nd March 2014

Video – Mankind feturing Masta Ace:

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