Verbs of Iron Bridge ft. Micall Parknsun, Junior Disprol, Apocraphe and Temple of the Feral, Kemetstry and Jabbathakut - Bringing It Back

The final solo album from the UK veteran is a fitting sign-off to a career spanning decades. Originally from Essex and now residing in Thailand, Verbs initially gained a cult following in the early 2000’s alongside fellow emcee Jibbarish as part of the iconic underground group ‘Iron Bridge‘ as well as being part of the underground super-group ‘Concrete Slugz‘ alongside Wisdom, Tekneek, Ity, Mr G and Jibbarish in more recent years.

The Mirror” is his second solo album and builds upon the foundations laid by following 2021’s “Visionary” as Verbs draws on real life inspiration for the albums content, touching on subjects such as political scandals, social media infatuation, the pharmaceutical industry as well as displaying his decades perfected style of uncompromising lyrical mastery.

The album provides the listener with a potent mixture of poignant self-reflection (Heavy is the Head); cerebral thinking (They Do); gritty Boom Bap (Bringing it Back); and the unnerving portrayal of an imminent dystopia (Welcome to the Future).

Verbs of Iron Bridge - The Mirror LP

“The Mirror” features guest appearances from some of the most revered lyricists in UK Hip Hop such as Apocraphe, Jibbarish, Kemetstry, Junior Disprol, Micall Parknsun, Temple of the Feral, Ash Phoenix, Concrete Slugz in addition to the soothing vocal harmonies of Tripple B (Dark Fiber).

The diversity of the lyrical content is amplified by the varied production styles on display, handled by heavyweights; Slap Up Mill, Verbs, Micall Parknsun, DJ Pager, Abstract Soundz, Doc Terror and Ity laced with cuts by DJ Jabbathakut and DJ Pager.

With a career spanning well over two decades “The Mirror” is a near perfect swan song that any emcee will surely be envious of. “The Mirror” is available to download from Bandcamp and stream on Spotify, iTunes and all major platforms from May 25th.

Verbs of Iron Bridge

Verbs of Iron Bridge - The Mirror

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