Verses - Focused CD [Gutta Hip Hop]

Loud instrumentals made of trumpets and tuba sounds while Verses introduces you into the Focused song. Verses’ voice is gritty and the whole song is written in an offensive manner. What is scurrilous as well. Verses has a nice flow delivery. However, I would like to point out a main weakness in the artist’s way of rapping, not from a hater’s point of view, but simply trying to offer some constructive criticism.
I am pretty much known as a raw raps lover. I think that Verses’ offensiveness sounds a little bit overdone, as far as I am concerned. His way of shouting out words would probably fit better into a rock or metal song. While the instrumentals and beats perfectly draw the unsafe atmosphere of the track, Verses’ voice shouts out a little bit too loud to my personal taste. Maybe Verses should soften it a little bit while still staying hardcore and offensive.

Verses - Focused CD [Gutta Hip Hop]
01. Intro
02. Focused
03. What!!
04. Damaging ft. Gutta
05. Raps My Hustle
06. Next Level
07. Super Villians ft. Word Perfect
08. Loose Moves
09. Out To Get
10. Rookie Hooker Show ft. Gutta
11. Roll Along (Skit)
12. Ready To Roll
13. Speak Words Superbly
14. Syllabalistics ft. Jibbarish
15. Verses
16. Unite To Fight ft. Gutta And Word Perfect
17. Over In 3
18. Satans Sidekick
19. Hunt Fakes ft. Gutta
20. Got Raps

All Beats Produced By Gutta, except Tracks 5,7,9,12,17 produced By Mr.G

Damaging is introduced by some light and short piano notes combined with some rhythmic beats. Gutta, Verses’ partner in rhyme comes up with a corrosive style. Raps My Hustle is based on a very melodic instrumental background made of piano and keyboard sounds and swinging drum beats. Feel the passion for the world of hip hop. Lyrically the song is a great piece of work. I recommend to you Raps My Hustle.

Organ plus rapid drum beats are married with rapid flow delivery, that, unfortunately is spoilt by voices that sound a little bit too harsh to my ear. Super Villians featuring Word Perfect offers an insightful reflection about terrorism and its consequences. The instrumental background is quite complex and mixes up violins, keyboards, trumpets, drum beats, letting the listener anticipate the drama through an attentive ear.

In Syllabalistics, Jibbarish spits pure fire. Not only does the track put lyrics on the highest scale, it also enlightens beats, instrumentals and flow.
Globally, the artists did good work on the instrumentals and lyrics. However, the CD somewhat disappointed me, mainly because of Gutta and Verses’ too much irate voices that sounded a little bit too much overdone, as far as I am concerned. If it is true that the context of the ghetto often appeals to feelings of anger and rage, the artists’ voices shouldn’t sound like Marilyn Manson.

The CD is nevertheless rich of beautiful tracks such as Raps My Hustle and Syllabalistics that will brighten the artists’ intentions.

By Isabelle Esling

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