Versus - The Juggernaut CD [Hellaware]

Versus is a proper bad boy. He’s been to maximum security and come out the other side. Whilst inside he had plenty of time to look deep inside himself and work out where he is going. Coming out of Delaware he is also known as Juggernaut and if his career progresses as well as he talks up his game in his tracks he is set for big things.

He has managed to hook up with some real big names for his first release that I am aware of. His new mixtape is hosted by DJ Kay Slay, and it features some of the hottest MCs out there right now including Dipset’s Hell Rell, JR Writer, Bezel, & the Roc’s Philadelphia Freeway.

Versus - The Juggernaut CD [Hellaware]The few tracks that I have heard deliver up a rough, gruff style, which is a combination of that Southern bounce in the production, something which is frequently prevalent in provincial areas, and a throat busting DMX style harsh vocal delivery. The first track is Real Talk which features Hell Rell from Dipset who comes on strong for the second verse and tones his sentiments to the big man style of Verses. The Big Boyz Inc production features a slow drum beat with a synth bass line and matching chord overlaid by anthemic slowly played keys.

The second track is also produced by Big Boyz Inc. and whilst it is still syth realised the woodblock in the beat and selection of other sounds like the vibrato theme and more recognisable stab sounds this time make the track more appealing. All Y’all Pause features Freeway on the mic. And whilst I prefer the whole the lyrics just washed over me and by the end I didn’t really know what had been said without a rewind.

There is sure to be a big market in the US for Versus and a percentage of that over here. If Versus can stay out of the pen, then he could stack the loot he wants to.

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