Ancient Astronauts - We Are To Answer [ESL / Switchstance]

Nice packaging and artwork always set things off well and Ancient Astronauts made a good impression before I even played We Are To Answer. Music transcends language barriers and the fact that these Germans invited along some British speaking guests helps.

The album opens with a couple of quality musical Hip Hop instrumentals before The Pharcyde stake their claim on the big-drummed, be-fluted Classic. Things get hectic quick on the D'n'B / Breakscore Dark Green Rod and then change tack on the Shadow-esque soul of A Hole To Swallow Us which features Phat Old Mamas on the sings. Risin' High (click for free download) reeks of 90s rap and Raashan Ahmad brings some energised lyrics – a banger.

The ride continues with tracks dissimilar to the one before it yet each contributing to what is a very solid, coherent and enjoyable LP. Eastern vibes, reggae tones with Tippa Irie and Bajka, funk flavours, spaced-out beats and more Hip Hop with Zeph and Azeem all have their place within the cogs of this machine.

If you're looking something with a little diversity and few boundaries then seek out a copy of this album which is out now on ESL Music/Switchstance Recordings.

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Ancient Astronauts - We Are To Answer [ESL / Switchstance]

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