Wizard - That Work LP [Independent]

UK Producer Wizard has just released his album at the end of January. This is actually the second production album that the Wizard has put together and its called 'That Work'. There is some power tracks, some dark and moody ones and some of the best use of a metal electric guitar I have heard in a while.

The variety of MCs from both sides of the Atlantic keep this sounding fresh and varied from track to track. In fact the line up of MCs whilst being eclectic across a whole heap of vibes from gruff through to smooth, slow and relaxed to high pitched and fast paced, is of a high calibre including many names on the verge of being household names and some who have been on the receiving end of a growing rep last year.

Wizard ably demonstrates his skill at selecting the beat to suit the rapper and also shows that he isn’t set on producing one sound, rather this LP crosses styles and allows each MC the space to develop their own track.

That Work features many artists from both the UK and US such as the well known Ill Bill, Wordsworth, Verbal Kent, Jack Flash, Pace Won, amongst the equally able Thesaurus Rex, Thabo, Amass Hegemony, Carlos Montana, Joey G-Zus, Kal Sereousz, Spon, Don Mack, Scizzahz, Kosyne, Joe Scudda, Truth and Carnell Cook.

'The Return' featuring Unfriendly Neighbours has been getting a lot of air play on BBC Radio1 (Nihal's The Best Asian And Desi Beats). '99%' featuring Sonnyjim was the first single off the album and was released on Eat Good Records the single is still available from iTunes and various other sites. http://sonnyjim.bandcamp.com.

Other UK favourites such as Joker Starr, Ramson Badbonez and The IRS also put in strong performances on Whole, Big Step and the final track Cold City respectively.

Get the whole album, a full seventeen tracks, is available at http://wizardbeats.bandcamp.com for just £5.99 or individual tracks for 99p. Apparently there is also CD copies available in four different colours. If you need one of these get at Wizard on kindlanpiss@hotmail.co.uk or from http://www.suspect-packages.com.

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Track List
01. Intro 00:51
02. WWF (Featuring Thesaurus Rex) 03:15
03. 99% (Featuring Sonnyjim) 02:55
04. Remove The Gag (Official Remix) (Featuring Ill Bill, Wordsworth & Verbal Kent) 04:00
05. No Strings Attached (Featuring Jack Flash & Thabo) 04:19
06. Now You Know (Featuring Amass Hegemony & Pace Won) 04:39
07. Lay You Down (Featuring Carlos Montana & Joey G-Zus) 03:19
08. Can't Stop Me (Featuring Kal Sereousz) 03:24
09. Something To Say (Featuring Spon & Don Mack) 03:17
10. So Stupid (Featuring Scizzahz) 03:20
11. GM Music (Featuring Kosyne) 03:15
12. The Return (Featuring Unfriendly Neighbours) 04:23
13. Whole (Featuring Joker Starr) 03:25
14. Playing With Me (Featuring Joe Scudda) 03:37
15. These Times (Featuring Truth & Carnell Cook) 03:25
16. Big Step (Featuring Ramson Badbonez) 03:00
17. Cold City (Featuring The IRS) 04:05

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