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Tuesday, 28 January 2020
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Wordsmith - In Pursuit of Harmony LP [Def Ethics]
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Tuesday, 24 February 2009
Wordsmith - In Pursuit of Harmony LP [Def Ethics]After the release of the critically acclaimed They Don't Seem to Care Ep, Wordsmith launches his eagerly anticipated album In Pursuit of Harmony on Def Ethics recordings. With impressive integrity, style and perception, this is an outstanding body of work. Introspective lyricism combined with raw presence and charisma perfected over a decade, mark Wordsmith out as a British MC with heart and passion.

In this superb 18 track album he works alongside the UK's finest hip-hop producers and underground MC's, sculpting a comprehensive collection of his finest music to date. Beat makers Chemo, Show n Prove, Ido, Apatight and Caruana provide a wide variety of solid, rolling instrumental tracks. Wordsmith's variety of themes and rhyming styles shine as individual production styles complement each other across the album, seamlessly returning to the classic boom-bap of hip-hop music.

If you were looking for a who's who of UK hip-hop you need to go no further. This is a truly impressive cast, featuring MC’s Dubbledge, Dr Syntax, Orifice Vulgatron, Skriblah Dan Gough, SuparNovar, Genesis Elijah, Metropolis and Micall Parkinsun and showcasing the up and coming talent of London-based Big Ben.

Both sides of Wordsmiths notorious, roadman, character battle it out in The Pursuit of Harmony. The wit and perception of the 'Light' takes on the street smarts, drug use and violent tendencies of the 'Dark' in a biographical tale of hardship, determination and the will to survive. The two 12" releases from the album display the head to head conflict, each with its own tone and character, the questioning They Don't Seem to Care Ep versus The Bad Guy, an all out banger, each a benchmark release for the future.

Very rarely do you see a more complete collection of music from a UK hip-hop artist! This is undoubtedly the most exciting release from the underground this year and sets Wordsmith apart from the rest of the crowd. Focussed on big things in the future watch out for Wordsmiths coalition!

Released: 2nd March 09

Wordsmith - In Pursuit of Harmony LP [Def Ethics]

Track List:

01. They Don’t Seem To Care - produced by Beat Butcha
02. Nomad
03. The Cro Debate
04. Sticks & Stones (feat. Foreign Beggars)
05. Runaway
06. Slip & Slide (feat. Big Ben)
07. Beautiful Life
08. Lok Dat (feat. Dubbledge & Micall Parknsun)
09. The Bad Guy
10. Three Strikes (feat. Skribblah & Diamond Ruff)
11. Wait And See - produced by Chemo
12. Leave It Alone (feat. Dr Syntax)
13. Common Cause (feat. Genesis Elijah)
14. Carry On
15. Never Would’ve Thought (feat. Big Ben & SuparNovar)
16. Son
17. Outro
18. The Coalition (feat. Big Ben, Genesis Elijah, Micall Parknsun, Dubbledge, Ahmos, SuparNovar, Diamond Ruff)

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