Zuby is a new kid who I’m not sure where he originally comes from but is now repping Oxford. Zuby (full name Nzube Udezue) grew up in Saudi Arabia where he went to an American school and began to develop artistically, both through drawing and musically by playing the  piano.

But it was during his boarding school years in the UK that hip hop became a passion. He says he can’t go a day without listening to hip hop. After excelling in school, Zuby earned a place at the prestigious University of Oxford, where he is currently an undergraduate.

01. The Movement
02. Steppin’ 2 Me
03. Start All Over ft. Webbafied
04. Lyrical Driveby Pt.1
05. Worldwide
06. Before (Tell Me Why)
07. Baby Baby
08. Lyrical Driveby Pt.2

His eight track release sees him portray an image of someone who is rather confident and ready to make moves chasing his dream. The title also befits the content of the mini LP which kicks off with The Movement, largly synth production by Beat Da Knocker which starts off simple enough, but builds to frenetic intensity which is matched by Zuby’s flows in which he describes how he shopped his demo, but due to label knock backs he decided to do his own thing independently.

Steppin’ 2 Me follows which Zuby lets anyone know they are in for trouble if they step to him or his family. Production by Ozone has a distinct chorus and is right for Zuby to get up in your grill. Start All Over features Webbafied and is more of an uplifting track with big strings and a hand clap snare with a sped up vocal sample for the chorus. Zuby and Webbafied both let us in on their plans for the future.

Lyrical Driveby Pt.1 features simplistical production from Rayz Ruckisss which consists of a beat and a catchy percussive riff. This backing demands an accomplished MC who can hold the listeners attention. Without reverting to a chorus for a break Zuby simply grabs the mic and pretty much spits for the full three and a half minutes. Worldwide brings a dark anthem which a call for all sides to raise their hands in the air is made. Working the word ‘player’ into much of the first verse Zuby continues to show that he has rhymes for days, and whilst he does work in some intelligence you wouldn’t immediately equate Zuby with this. His image comes off as being all about the clubs, girls and getting over. Whilst he may be getting some messages through by stealth, it is not overtly apparent and in this day and age it could well be appreciated by his fans.

Before (Tell Me Why) has great production from Hi-Fly who links up some strings samples. For me this is one of the high points of the CD as Zuby explains how Hip Hop has touched him, but he has chosen to live his own life and not be influenced by the badder sides of Hip Hop. He addresses his prestigious background and acknowledges his position as a role model and goes some way to address this and try to do the right thing. One of Zuby’s main hopes is to make an impact.

The penultimate track Baby Baby brings some Southern Bounce feel for the production by James Bundz. Zuby reflects this with some double paced flows, but does on occasion stumble over his words at this pace and obviously needs a bit more practice to make this work for him.

The whole CD rounds off with Lyrical Driveby Pt.2 which opens with the sounds of gunshots and is another of the more straightforward Hip Hop tracks which is satisfactory, but not the high point the CD needed to end on. Zuby is complex and has a varirty of things to say / preech, but in all this wasn’t quite as bumpling as I would have liked it to be, but props to Zuby for putting at all together and getting it out there.


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