Graffiti Planet complied and introduced by KET [Michael O'Mara Books]

Another 'pocket' graffiti book much in the same style of Banksy Locations and Tours. Ket the compiler is a well known graffiti artist in his own right, hailing from the New York scene. He is the founder and publisher of the magazine Stress and the worlds first hip-hop journal Elementary. In Graffiti Planet he showcases urban art from all over the world.

Graffiti Planet features, in full colour, works from the following artists, as well as many others: Banksy, Loomit, Os Gemeos, T-Kid, Can2 and CES. Its a piece of work that truly expands the world with pictures from the Himalayas, Bosnia, Geneva, Russia Cuba and Japan amongst others. It represents Graffiti as really a global art form for all.

The art featured in this book is stunning and for me in particular the Yemaya wall in Havana. As a pocket book its a great buy and an even better introduction to some lesser known 'criminal artists' long may they spray.

Published by Michael O'Mara Books Ltd ISBN-13:978-1-84317-280-2

Amazon have a preview of the book on their site:

Graffiti Planet complied and introduced by KET [Michael O'Mara Books]

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