1 Day

Based on real-life gang culture in Birmingham, 1 Day delivers a raw and hard-hitting reflection of what life is like in the street, where sex, drugs and violence are a way of life. This high-octane film is released on DVD on 12 April from Momentum Pictures. Winner of the Best Festival Film at the Black International Film Festival, 1 Day was released in cinemas by Vertigo Films to much controversy, and was pulled in several cities as it sparked debates on gang culture.

Featuring a talented cast entirely from the street and shot on location in Birmingham, most of the cast are or have been involved in this gang culture themselves. Local boy from the hood Dylan Duffus was spotted and picked up to help as the Assistant Director due to his knowledge of the streets, and whilst helping out at the casting auditions, ended up getting the lead role himself.

1 DayBAFTA nominee Penny Woolcock (The Principles of Lust, Macbeth on the Estate, Tina Goes Shopping) has given this feature a unique style, highly influenced by the bangin’ grime and hip-hop soundtrack and features tracks performed by the lead cast including A-ZIZ, 33, MA Starkey and Urban Monk. The grime street-slang, clothes and gang rivalry adds to the grittiness and feel of the real-life aspect delivering one of Britain’s few hip-hop films.

1 Day is a high octane caper through a day in the life of an inner city hustler. The film follows Flash (Duffus) whose day gets worse when he finds out he suddenly has to repay a debt to his big head, Angel (Yohance Watson), and he has to find the money fast. As more and more people get on his case and the clock starts ticking, Flash is persued by everyone from a rival gang, the police, three irate baby mothers and his granny.

1 Day features some great special features including a Directors Commentary, Graffiti – a 3 minute segment looking at Graffiti artists turning a wall into 1 Day inspired artwork, Music Scenes and Handworth Calling (inside story making of the film). If you’re a fan of British urban dramas Adulthood, Kidulthood and Shifty, then 1 Day is definitely one for your collection.

Release Date: 12 April 2010
Certificate: 18
Cat. No: MP1029D / 5060116725353

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