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Directed by Michael McCullers this film revolves around a successful single career woman Kate Holbrook played by Tina Fey (the comic who so successfully appeared as Sarah Palin before the US elections) and her increasingly loud biological clock. As well as being single and ordering sperm from a menu she finds out that her uterus is a T shape, and it would be 1 in a million if she did conceive.

In increasingly desperate attempts to have a child she finds a surrogate mother Angie Ostrowiski played by Amy Poehler who is straight out of a trailer park. Angie moves out of her house and then and moves in with Kate as she has no where else to go – and so begins an odd couple senario.

I rented this film as I had read some good reviews, and this isnt the sort of film I would normally choose but I am open to being surprised amused and won over. On viewing though I was disappointed. Both leads are played well and the script is fine I just didn't find it original enough and although amusing in a light hearted way I didnt find it laugh out loud funny either.

I found the set ups and situations in the movie rather predictable – a messed up loud chaotic person moves in with controlled neat freak to 'hilarous' consequences when they both learn how much they have in common. Even the star turns of Sigourney Weaver and Steve Martin who both play ridiculious characters could have benefited with being more extreme and comical and could have taken their characters to the exteme.

It's a decent film but for me it didn't have enough humour or originality to make it stand out from any other film of this genre.

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Baby Mama

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