Burn After Reading

Heres the cast and character breakdown for the Joel & Ethan Coen Brother's follow up to the Oscar winning No County For Old Men; John Malkovich plays a CIA agent Osborne Cox who is forced to quit his job because of an alohol problem he is married to Katie played by Tilda Swinton whos character is having an affair with US Marshall Harry Pfarrer (George Clooney).

Thrown into the mix is Frances McDormand and Brad Pitt two misguided gym workers one driven by getting her need to get her plastic surgery paid for and one who believes he is in control when the two stumble across a secret CIA dossier lost at the gym where they work.

This is about as far removed from No Country For Old Men as you can get, its a spoofed up twisting funny crime caper from the Coen stable, full of ridiculous self important characters who stumble through the film largely unaware of anything other than themselves. The characters in Burn After Reading are more like those in Oh Brother Where Art Thou? rather than the serious brooding atmosphere of the recent Oscar winner.

Part of the pleasure for me watching the film was the way the movie 'A' listers happily make fools of themselves and do it with such style. The movie contains spies, bingo wings, internet dating, goofy dancing and a great lines. Its not a movie that is going to be groundbreaking but it will make you laugh out loud and keep you entertained as the main characters stumble from one farcial situation to the next stumbling their way through the clever and funny script right down to the last line. Its well worth a view and available on DVD now.

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Burn After Reading - Brad Pitt

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