Dead Snow

A group of medical students go on holiday to an isolated log cabin in the mountains. While at the cabin they discover a box under the floorboards full of World War II Nazi gold. A battalion of Nazi zombie soldiers who are using the mountain as their base aren’t happy with the students taking their gold so they decide to hunt them and eat their intestines!

Excuse me if you have heard this before – there’s a group of young students isolated in a cabin when they start getting picked off one by one they decide to split up to try and get help for the others and in doing so surprise surprise they come to a nasty end.

Ok, so this is a B Movie, it is low budget and more of a disappointment is that it does nothing original at all. Its like a tick list of stalk and slash horror movies, group of medical students – check, one of the student doesn’t like blood – check, there’s a weird local man who drops in to fill everyone in on the spooky local history – check, have only one of the students knowing the way out – check, have a couple of the students die nasty deaths after having sex – check and so it goes on.

It’s not all bad though; the deaths are suitably gory and the blood runs all over the student group. The Nazi’s themselves were a complete disappointment though, the make up is 2nd class, they sporadically act like zombies – one moment they are stumbling like traditional zombies and the next moment they are sprinting across the snow. I found myself laughing at the zombies from time to time as they just looked like a bunch of bouncers, covered in talcum powder, hanging around waiting for a nod from the chief bouncer dressed in a weird uniform.

There’s nothing original about this movie although it’s also not all bad, just don’t expect too much!

Directed by Tommy Wirkola


Vegar Hoel – Martin
Stig Fride Henriksen – Roy
Charlotte Frogner – Hanna
Lasse Valdal – Vegard

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