Drag Me To Hell

Drag Me to Hell seems Sam Rami return to the horror genre after directing the Spiderman franchise. Written ten years ago with his brother Ivan, Drag Me to Hell centres on easy-going bank employee Christine (Lohman) who tries to impress her boss by refusing a loan extension to Mrs Ganush (Raver). Later that day when Christine returns to her car Ganush attacks her and places a curse on her. Christine then has three days to lift the curse before she is dragged to hell.

Rami has the skill and vision as a storyteller to lift a basic horror ‘curse’ story into something strangely enjoyable. Mrs Ganush is a suitably horrible, weird eye, claw like nails and false teeth whereas Christine is suitably put on as she suffers from ordeal after ordeal. Christine’s one flaw was to try to impress her boss but this triggers a series of horrible events that she is unable to escape from.

Lohman is great in the lead role, shes naive, insecure and definitely got my sympathies, I hope to see her in more roles in the future and Raver presents us with a suitably memorable horror villian. I didn’t find the movie scary but I did jump and cringe at some of the scenes, notably being when Christine’s habit of leaving her mouth open when horrible objects and liquids get poured in made my stomach turn.

It’s a good horror film, makes you jump, makes you cringe and keeps you guessing. Well worth checking out.

Director – Sam Raimi


Alison Lohman – Christine Brown
Justin Long – Clay Dalton
Lorna Raver – Mrs Ganush

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