Two ex spies Koval (Owen) and Stenwick (Roberts), who have a history, team up against two corporate enemies Tully (Wilkinson) and Garsik (Giamatti) to outwit the big corporations and come out on top. The ex spies team together to outwit the enemies in the search for the patent on the ultimate product.

Duplicity is marketed as similar to Out of Sight or The Thomas Crown Affair (with Pierce Brosnan), in which two untrusting adults play cat and mouse with each other when they meet their match while also trying out outfox the system. In this film you have Roberts and Owen as the attractive ex spies working for or against each other as they globe trot plotting the ultimate corporate coup. In the other (equally sparring) corner you have Wilkinson Vs Giamatti who begin the film with one of the funniest and unexpected opening titles I have seen for some time – think of Celebrity Death Match without the plasticine and the blood but dressed in smart suits!

Its not a bad film its also just not a great one either, its clever – but maybe not too clever, its interesting – but not too interesting, and the leads are attractive but without any real sexual tension. I don't know if more inventive camera angles and cut aways might have helped. They might have highlighted more tension between the leads, theres something about the cat and mouse between a lead couple that can add a great deal to the sexual tension in a film when shot well – unfortunately this film is lacking in this respect. The leads are good but lack a certain spark.

Everyone plays their part well and the script is funny and clever but I felt this was a film lead more by the stars rather than the director – it could have been better, more inventively shot and definitely sexier – which Im sure was what it was trying to be.

Director: Tony Gilroy

Clive Owen – Ray Koval
Julia Roberts – Claire Stenwick
Tom Wilkinson – Howard Tully
Paul – Giamatti – Richard Garsik

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