Get Smart

Based on the 1960's television series of the same name, Get Smart follows newly promoted Agent 86 (Carell) and his partner Agent 99 (Hathaway) as they attempt to foil KAOS and their plans to assassinate the US President.

I've not seen any of the original television series and maybe if I had I wouldn't have been left feeling that I watched the wrong film. I expected the film to be on par with Austin Powers or even Inspector Clouseau with Peter Sellers (I haven't seen the Steve Martin remakes) where a clumsy misguided agent wins through in spite of himself but this film wasn't like this at all.

Carrell's Agent 86 is intelligent but inexperienced which although this is a different angle it is one that, for me, didn't really work. He is teamed with Hathaways Agent 99, who is reluctant to work with the rookie – it's a formula that has been overused in films and nothing new is added to it here.

I know comedy is subjective but I didn't laugh enough, and I also didn't care enough either. Its well acted, it looks good but it just didn't do anything for me, I think I will forget I ever watched it very quickly.

Director: Peter Segal

Steve Carell – Maxwell Smart / Agent 86
Anne Hathaway – Agent 99
Dwayne Johnson – Agent 23
Alan Arkin – The Chief
Terrance Stamp – Siegfried
Terry Crews – Agent 91

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Get Smart

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