Ghost Town

Ghost Town is Ricky Gervais's first lead role in a Hollywood movie after minor roles in Night at the Museum and Stardust. Ghost Town is the story of Bertram Pincus (Gervais) a dentist who goes to great lengths to avoid all contact with people, which is just as well because he completely lacks any social skills.

This all changes when an accident leaves him with the ability to see and talk to ghosts and they seem to have a lot to say especially Frank (Kinnear) a man recently deceased. Frank wants Pincus to get a message to his widow Gwen (Leoni) which means that Pincus needs to fast track his social skills and stop avoiding people.

This film has a good cast and should on paper have worked but the plot was obvious and unsurprising and the film rolls on without offending but also without really pleasing either. Gervais plays Pincus well, his hatred of the human race is amusing as are his attempt to avoid people but I feel in this movie Gervais never really bares his comedy teeth. Kinnear is there to provide the human side to Pincus so it is strange then that that his character is misguided and not actually likeable.

Theres nothing much actually wrong with the movie but there also isn't actually anything really successful in the film either. You watch the film but know you have seen similar movies done better.

Director: David Koepp


Ricky Gervais – Bertram Pincus
Greg Kinnear – Frank Herlihy
Tea Leoni – Gwen

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Ghost Town

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