How She Move [Paramount]

Raya has been attending a prestigious private school for the past several years, but now money is tight and her parents can no longer afford the tuition. She’s been told that she’s being kicked out.

In her old neighbourhood again – Toronto’s Jane & Finch – and back in her old school Raya decides to go on a mission. She’s going to find the money to pay back the tuition her parents owe and work hard at school to try and get a scholarship that will allow her to return to the hallowed halls of the Seaton Academy – as far away from the projects as she can get.

Things take a turn and get complicated when Raya decides to join a STEP dance crew to try and raise the money she needs to help her parents out. Raya enters reluctantly at first into the world of step. This is a world that requires all of you, not just some of you… She has to deal with everything at once – old rivalries, old boyfriends, school, scholarships and dancing. She’s forced to hide her dancing from her mother, who believes that this world leads to nothing but trouble. Slowly Raya gets drawn in, falls in love, and loses her way and is forced to confront what she really wants and who she wants to become.

Run Time: 98
Cert: 12 A
Starring: Tre Armstrong, Boyd Banks, Clé Bennett
Director(s): Ian Iqbal Rashid
Producer(s): Brent Barclay, Jennifer Kawaja, Julia Sereny
Writer(s): Annmarie Morais
Studio: Paramount

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