Inglorious Basterds

Set in World War II in Nazi occupied France Quentin Tarantino introduces us to his Basterds – a team of Jewish soldiers lead by American Lt. Aldo Raine (Pitt). Tarantino gives us his spin on World War II. The Basterds are a team of Nazi hunters striking fear in the Third Reich as they hunt the German army planning intent on getting Raine his 100 Nazi scalps.

The film also concerns Shosanna (Laurent) a woman who survived the massacre of her family and ends up in Nazi occupied Paris running a cinema. Her life is changed when her cinema is chosen to host the Nazi’s latest propaganda film, which provides her with the opportunity to exact revenge on the Nazi officer who killed her family.

To say this is just a war movie is far to simple, Tarantino again produces a clever multi layered story full of colourful characters, quick dialogue (and wonderful accents), great set pieces, violence combined with a great sense of humour. It also a mixture of a Sergio Leoni western and the Dirty Dozen. I expect the flashes of violence and the clever and quick dialogue this was the first Tarantino film where I laughed throughout.

The characters, even the ones where we only see them in snapshot, are all fully formed, there is also such a great comic (and sinister) used of accents it adds to the many twists and turns of the film itself. There is also a real build of tension in scenes, whether you are anticipating the specialist skills of the ‘Bear Jew’ or the outcome of the Nazi premier.

It’s a very good movie, I really enjoyed it – although I didn’t find it as smooth of stylish as my favourite Tarantinos like Pulp Fiction. Its quick multi layered and clever and it will keep you on your toes to the final scene. One word of warning is that when the violence happens it really happens – its worth watching though if you can stomach it.

Director: Quentin Tarantino


Brad Pitt – Lt Aldo Raine
Melanie Laurent – Shosanna Dreyfus
Christoph Waltz – Col Hans Landa
Eli Roth – Sgt Donny Donowitz
Michael Fassbender – Lt Archie Hicox
Diane Kruger – Bridget von Hammersmark
Daniel Bruhl – Fredrick Zoller
Til Schweiger – Sgt Hugo Stiglitz
Gedeon Burkhard – Col Wilhelm Wicki
Jacky Ido – Marcel

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