John Legend - The Making Of A Legend DVD [Urban Edge]
They are all just ordinary people! Does anybody on this DVD actually know John Legend? Supposedly this biography of Johns’ life documents his rapid rise to fame and is told through the people who know him best. Interesting!

This is obviously an unauthorised project as there is no live footage or commentary from John himself. Most of the people who are featured on the DVD are in fact fans plucked off the nearest street corner.

It’s not all bad as we are treated to some interesting facts in between the bad production and corny American narrative. The DVD is 60 minutes long  and will guarantee a good laugh. This is definitely one to watch at your own risk.

You can pick up a copy for £9.99 from as well as finding other titles from your favourite artists.

By: Jemma Capleton

John Legend - The Making Of A Legend DVD [Urban Edge]

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