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Friday, 17 January 2020
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Looking For Eric
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Written by Louise   
Sunday, 25 October 2009
Looking For EricLooking for Eric is Ken Loach's latest film where he introduces us to Eric Bishop (Evets) a middle-aged postman who has managed to mess up his life. The film begins with Eric in a state of despair and depression he's alone, he has two disrespectful stepsons, and he is finding it difficult to cope and cannot see a future. Enter into this Eric Cantona, Eric's football hero who helps him get his life on track.

The film sometimes slides into a slightly predictable gritty drama as Eric's life increasingly spirals out of control when one of his stepsons gets involved with the local gangster. Overall though this is a hopeful, funny and ultimately uplifting film. Eric is a man who has bottled up the past and tried to hide it away but because of a change of circumstances and using the confidence of Cantona he confronts it and tries to make amends as he comes to terms with the ghosts of his past. Eric is also a man who doesn't realise what he has - amazing friends, a gang of posties who will stand by and help their friend with whatever is needed.

This film made me laugh, which is not something I would usually say about a Ken Loach film, it's a film that was uplifting and warm hearted, the second chance that can pass people by and how to find the strength to change your life. Personally I wouldn't have chosen Cantona but if it works for Eric then that's more than fine by me.

Director - Ken Loach

Steve Evets - Eric Bishop
Eric Cantona - himself
Stephanie Bishop - Lily
Gerard Kearns - Ryan
Stefan Gumbs - Jess

For the offical website click here

Read more at: Nerve Curve

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