Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus

As the title says a huge shark and a huge octopus fight after getting defrosted when an ice shelf breaks off – they were locked in combat before the freezing and they are determined to continue their battle. Some humans in submarines are also involved.

Well I wasn't expecting a masterpiece and I was expecting comedy and I did laugh – lots, but what I did find amazing was that this film was actually made at all. I might have understood it if it was made in the 50's or even 70's but now – really what's the reasoning? This film is pure B movie – from the script, to the "acting" to the effects – its really quite astonishing that this ever go green lit and made its was onto DVD.

Its been quite a while since I have seen such bad acting and terrible lines – you will find yourself laughing although not for the right reasons. Nearly every scene in the film is awful, I began to pick holes in the movie but then gave up and decided to treat it like a comedy, which was on reflection the best thing to do. I can't begin to describe how cheesy the science scenes are – were they making chemical solutions or were they mixing paint? Everything seemed so colour coded even without the bad acting and script.

Well I suppose the "big" draw in the movie is the monsters who seem to pull off some stunning attacks octopus v oil rig, shark v flying plane, shark v Golden Gate bridge before they actually get stuck into each other. Did no one who was making the film realise that showing the same footage over and over again of a shark swimming would get a little tedious and that today maybe the audience expects a little more. The shark on the Universal Studios ride looked more realistic.

It was bad very bad but it was also so funny at the same time. I'm not going to grade it as I think for a film itself it would scrape a one star but for being one of the funniest worst movies I have ever seen it might qualify for 4 stars.

Director: Jack Perez


Lorenzo Lamas – Allan Baxter
Deborah Gibson – Emma MacNeil
Vic Chao – Dr Seiji Shimada
Sean Lawlor – Lamar Sanders

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Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus

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