Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell a Luna Industries employee coming to the end of a three year contract as the lone employee mining on the moon. His only companion in his lonely existence is the computer GERTY (voiced by Spacey), and sporadic messages from earth as there is no direct communication link available.

One day Sam is involved in an accident whilst mining and awakes after a few days to find GERTY caring for him. This leads to a discovery that will change Sam’s life and affect the chances of him returning to his wife and child on earth.

What starts as a low key si-fi movie with the base visually echoing the Nostromo from Alien, and with a sole occupant talking to his plants and looking forward to returning home turns into something completely else entirely. Rockwell is great as Sam, the man desperate to finish his contract and fulfill his duties. His performance is low key but powerful and more than holds the film together. What starts as a study of loneliness twists and turns to an unexpected conclusion. The disembodied computer voice has parallels with HAL from 2001, but that is where the comparison ends – you expect GERTY to become the sinister protagonist but there is something a lot more ominous threatening Sam’s existence.

Its very good film and well worth a look, there is a really slow build up and then after the accident you, as the audience, are left largely bewildered until the larger picture is revealed. It also keeps you thinking long after the end titles have rolled.

Director – Duncan Jones

Sam Rockwell – Sam Bell
Kevin Spacey (voice only) – Gerty

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