Not Quite Hollywood

The story of the rise of Ozploitation an era in which Australian cinema exploded with low budget films, which centred around sex, violence, horror and road movies. The film covers mainly the 70’s to the mid 80’s and details the rise of the low budget filmmakers whos film making paralleled that of US and European cinema at the time.

Firstly don’t watch this documentary if your of a sensitive disposition, there’s far too many tits, arse, blood, gore, splatter and car crashes in this film which Im sure would offend some, whereas if you’re a fan of the cheap low budget 70’s movies and want to see a best of compilation from the land of Oz – then this film is your bag!

Taken with the spirit in which the film was made it’s funny and also an interesting in how the Ozzie filmmakers went for the maximum shock for the minimum budget. Its fascinating to have a snapshot of films before health and safety took over, a look at how the actors and stunt men took life and limb into the maverick directors hands – its amazing people lived to tell the tale.

It’s a good picture of the time, funny at times, amusing but not necessarily very enlightening although it celebrates a lost genre of filmmaking.

Director – Mark Hartley


Phillip Adams – Himself
Glory Annen – Herself
Briony Behets – Herself
Steve Bisley – Himself
Jamie Blanks – Himself

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