Old Boy

Revenge is a dish best served cold, or maybe raw would be a better way of putting it as confirmed by the infamous octopus scene in this movie. This is a classic Korean movie released in 2003 but as it's the latest DVD I've watched I'm going to give you my views on it.

It's a story based on revenge, but with a many twists that keeps you transfixed until the final frame. A man Ho Dae-su (Min Sik Choi) is kidnapped off of the streets and held without any obvious motive for fifteen years in a shabby room. After numerous attempts at escape and suicide he is released suddenly on a rooftop in a suit given cash and a phone again all without a word of explanation, just when he thinks his ordeal is over it transpires that his fifteen years imprisonment was just the start of a twisted game of revenge.

Old BoyTo get revenge Ho Dae-su must uncover some very dark secrets and confront his past with the help of Mido (Hye-jeong Kang) a sushi chef that serves him the infamous raw octopus, which triggers a series of events.

The director Chan-wook Park has uses some clever camera shots to create his movie, in one particular scene the fight is played out like the comic that spun off from this film. The film does have great black humour running through it but also has strong suggested violence and a twist that walks a moral grey area which might not satisfy some viewers. It is though a clever and twisted tale with some great fight scenes that keeps the viewer interested until the end.

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