Rihanna - Barbadian Superstardom DVD [Wienerworld]

This 60 minute DVD highlights the life of Barbadian singing sensation Rihanna. In chronological order it follows her intriguing story from growing up on the sunny beaches of the West Indian island Barbados, coping with her drug taking Father, auditioning for Jay-Z and to most currently the release of her third album ‘Good Girl, Gone Bad’.

Using a narrative voiceover, the in-depth unofficial biography explores her musical career beginning at the age of fifteen. Giving clear descriptions of management, people who have helped shaped her phenomenal success of three albums and with an extensive selection of pictures this DVD offers many who had a small percentage of knowledge a great deal. Unfortunately there are no interviews of those closest to her, but with opinions from those who matter secondly such as her fans , it compensates for that loss.

Rihanna - Barbadian Superstardom DVD [Wienerworld]Research has been made with this DVD as dates, chart positions and album sales are also provided, giving a sense of legitimacy which is often not acknowledged in unofficial biographies. Spanning at just an hour, it provides an interesting short biography, with a thoroughly thought out project, showcasing clever editing and a strong sense of direction.

If you are a fan of Rihanna then this would be ideal to add to the ever growing interest and would form part of the Rihanna memorabilia. However, if you are more concerned with watching stage performances, interviews and music videos of her popular songs like ‘Pon De Replay’, ‘Umbrella’ and ‘Unfaithful’ then perhaps not.

By: Cassandra Peters

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