Role Models

Think of two guys (Rudd and Scott) pedalling 'have energy drinks instead of drugs' messages around schools. Think of these guys having a particularly bad day when they end up having to undertake 150 hours of community service rather than go to jail. Think of these two guys who can barely look after themselves being put in a position of responsibility of mentoring kids. So begins the predictable but enjoyable film Role Models.

The film will be very familiar to people who have watched the latest wave of comedies like 40 Year Old Virgin, Superbad, Knocked Up etc, it's humour is crass, unsubtle and slightly juvenile. If you can deal with adults acting really inappropriately in front of kids then this film is fine, although if your likely to be offended then I would suggest you stay away from this film.

The kids who are being mentored are great – there is Mintz-Plasse who stood out as Mclovin in Superbad and the new scene stealing Thompson, who's rude and shocking remarks may offend some viewers but I personally found him both shocking and funny.

This film made me laugh and although it is crass at times taken in the right way its light-hearted fun. If you liked the movies I have listed above then add this to your viewing list. It may not be as good as Superbad but its still fun.

Directed by David Wain


Seann William Scott – Wheeler
Paul Rudd – Danny Donahue
Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Augie Farks
Bobb’e J Thompson – Ronnie Shields
Elizabeth Banks – Beth 

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Role Models

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