Step Brothers

After the marriage of Nancy Huff to Dr Robert Doback their respective sons, Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly), have to learn how to live together. They fight, they sulk, they threaten each other and they hate each other. The problem is Brennan and Dale are two 40 year olds who are acting like 9 year olds.

Neither Brennan or Dale have worked a day in their lives they are both given an ultimatum – get a job or get out, which leads to them becoming friends although that still doesn't lead to a peaceful household.

Will Ferrell has always been a bit hit or miss, for every Anchorman there is a Bewitched or Talladega Nights but Step Brothers is worth watching if you don't expect too much. Its funny, silly and yes childish watching Ferrell and Reilly acting like spoilt kids. The films not perfect there are parts when the plot slows down also some of the story seems quite formulaic and this makes the plot predictable but for those minor problems its still fun. It won't change the world but it should at least make you laugh.

Director: Adam McKay


Will Ferrell – Brennan Huff
John C Reilly – Dale Doback
Mary Steenburgen – Nancy Huff
Richard Jenkins  Dr Robert Doback
Adam Scott – Derek Huff
Kathryn Hahn – Alice Huff

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Step Brothers

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