The Tick DVD [Liberation Entertainment]

Many of you may have fond memories of the Tick cartoon series which ran on Fox TV and terrestrial TV in the early 90’s. The square jawed super hero is back with vengeance on DVD, with the release of the complete second series. The two disc collection boasts 13 hilarious episodes jam packed with mayhem and some of the most audacious alliteration ever.

Still full of inspirational speeches and of course his infamous battle cry Spooooon which he decided upon one while eating breakfast "Drama Flakes" to be precise!

With his trusty sidekick: a rotund ex accountant named Arthur, (sporting his white moth suit) in tow, the two endeavour to defend their city The City.

The Tick is as impulsive as ever with Arthur serving as his conscience and side kick, the two entertain us with more comical mayhem and capers than you could imagine.

Light hearted and full of laughs the Tick will deliver a punch of joy into your front room.

Released 8th October.

By: Jemma Capleton

The Tick Series 2

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