The Women

Take four well off society women in New York who find out that Mary’s (Ryan) husband is having an affair with a foxy shop girl Crystal (Mendes). They all rally to support their friend while she looses her husband but finds herself – no this isn’t Sex in the City this the The Women.

Firstly, I would like to point out that I didn’t choose to watch this film, the title of which would be enough to repel me from picking it up but this didn’t stop a friend of mine renting it and I visited and this is how I came to watch it. I suppose that disclaimer would be enough to tell you the direction that this review is going to take.

I could sum up this film in a sentence really – a poor girls Sex and the City.

How are they friends – they are all so different, they didn’t even seem to have fashion or shoes in common – and of course I found myself thinking that all four main characters were poor shadows of their S & C counterparts. It is like the main characteristics of Carrie and friends were mixed together and then separated into four other actors. Unfortunately for this film none of the characters are bitchy, fun, witty or interesting enough to rival their S & C originals.

Bening is cast in the Samantha role – but without the sex, its like looking at Samantha in 10 years time – let’s hope though that she doesn’t become a one dimensional harpy like Fowler is. I felt no sympathy for Mary and also hated that her wandering husband was never seen or heard or had a chance to explain why he fell into the stunning Mendes arms (she really needs a better role than this).

I think it’s a terrible shame that female actors of such calibre are so short of good parts that this is the result – they are falling over each other to be in this film – there are cameos from Carrie Fisher and Bet Midler for instance, it’s a shame this flimsy predictable shambles is the result. Come on writers older women are still people – write something good, please.

Director: Diane English


Meg Ryan – Mary Haines
Annette Bening – Sylvia Fowler
Eva Mendes – Crystal Allen
Debra Messing – Edie Cohen
Jada Pinkett Smith – Alex Fisher

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