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Wednesday, 20 November 2019
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The Wrestler
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Written by Louise   
Saturday, 06 June 2009
The WrestlerThe story of an ageing, once successful wrestler Randy 'The Ram' Robinson (Rourke), a man trapped by his headlining past trying to come to terms with a very uncertain future.

When you only know how to do one thing what happens when you can no longer do it? A tale of one mans attempt to rebuild and change his life when a heart attack means he can no longer continue in the 'sport' where he was once great.

BAFTA winner Rourke is totally fantastic, it's impossible to contemplate anyone else in the role of the battered, broken Randy. A man trying to forge a relationship with his estranged daughter and a blossoming romance with a stripper (Tomei) while trying to deal with physical trauma and ill health. He only knows the ring, the crowd, the lights, and the fans - what is his alternative? Its almost heart breaking watching this guys attempts to work in a grocery store when ill health forces him into retirement.

Aronofsky directs this tale brilliantly, in one particular scene Randy is going to work in the supermarket and it is filmed like he is entering the wrestling ring it's superbly done. It's a film that made me think again about a profession that I had thought was almost a joke. What these men put themselves through in the ring while preparing themselves like models for the small crowd they draw is really something to consider. What do they do when the spotlight moves on and they haven't ever reached the heights of being truly successful? Do they end up like Randy, trapped in an old image of themselves, living on dreams?

It's a great film, moving, powerful, sad and thought provoking = something I never thought I would ever say about wrestling!

Director: Daren Aronofsky


Mickey Rourke - Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson
Marisa Tomei - Cassidy / Pam
Evan Rachel Wood - Stephanie

Read more at: Nerve Curve


The Wrestler - Micky Rourke

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