Based on the first of Stephanie Meyers best-selling series of books Twilight tells the story of Bella Swan who moves from Phoenix Arizona to Forks the rainiest place in America, to live with her father. While at school she falls for Edward Cullen, a mysterious boy who actually isn't human, he's a vampire, and he's trying to resist the lure of the biggest blood temptation he's ever known in all of his life Bella.

Unfortunately while keeping Bella safe and close he alerts another hunter vampire to her presence and the chase is then on.

I should first confess that I have read the book and am a fan (although not a fanatic) of the story. There is something about the story that is impossibly romantic and it's easy to see what appeals to the hordes of female fans of the series. Robert Pattinson looks great as Edward the brooding, forever-young man drawn to Bella while trying to resist his vampire nature. He does look at times like he is carved from marble while he plays against the well cast Stewart as Bella.

The film is shot is a dreamlike fashion although at times the effects look strange, like when Edward is running for instance. I also think that the drama of Edward and Bella and their situation could have been played out a little more – you had no sense of time passing and the slow cautious way Edward allows her closer and closer, unlike the book. There are of course some deviations from the book it would be impossible to film everything but there are also additions to the story, which will upset purists.

It's good and enjoyable if you'e already a fan then this will be old news, I wouldn't recommend it to everyone but for a bit of escapism and romance its worth a view. I'm going to give it four starts because I'm already a convert and can't wait for the next episode in the saga.

Director: Catherine Hardwicke


Kirsten Stewart – Bella Swan
Robert Pattinson – Edward Cullen
Billy Burke – Charlie Swan
Ashley Green – Alice Cullen

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