Year One

The director of the classic Ground Hog Day has joined together with Jack Black to bring to film a comedy inhabited with biblical characters.

Zed (Black) and his friend Oh (Cera) are banished from their Stone Age village, after Zed eats fruit from the forbidden tree and this leads to a series of adventures in which they encounter biblical characters like Cain & Abel and Abraham and they travel to Sodom. In Sodom they try to free the love of their lives that have been enslaved where they are hampered by a priest and Cain.

I like Jack Black, I like most of his previous films, I like him when he’s at his crazy best this, though, is a film where his humour falls flat. Partly I feel he’s not allowed free rein other times he is hampered by a plodding and flat script. I didn’t laugh out loud once; I might have managed a smile at a couple of points but for a film that’s supposed to be a comedy that’s not a shinning endorsement.

Black plays a ‘zany’ tubby caveman whereas Cera plays an intellectual, sensitive caveman, so why when both actors should be very comfortable with their characters does this film not work. Firstly for me the film doesn’t flow its more of a series of sketches in which Zed & Oh walk through, its like someone said “lets get a scene with Abraham, how can we write him in and who can we get to play him”, without any consideration as to how this will fit in with a script. Also am I really supposed to find biblical characters funny?

There is also a emphasis on gross out humour in this movie, there are lots of poo jokes, puke jokes, willy jokes etc etc its not that I’m offended by them its just that they are used over and over again and not to good effect. Year One is like a carry on movie although not as good.

Very disappointing.

Director – Harold Ramis


Jack Black – Zed
Michael Cera – Oh
Oliver Platt – High Priest
David Cross – Cain
Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Isaac

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