Take four mismatched survivors of a Zombie invasion in the US, add lots of guns, lots of blood (and guts) and above all lots of humour and there you have the main ingredients in Zombieland! Firstly you have Columbus (Eisenberg) an awkward shy loner with phobias, who is overly cautious he teams up with Tallahassee a gun totting wise cracking zombie slayer on a mission to get the last Twinkie on earth. The two are joined by Wichita and Little Rock and the foursome head off to LA.

What is it about Zombies that makes them the prime ingredient for horror / comedy movies, first there was Shaun of the Dead and now Zombieland. Its gory, touching, silly and laugh out loud funny. I love the references to Columbus’s guide to survival and although it occasionally gets cheesy the rest of the film more than makes up for it – including the ‘surprise’ celebrity cameo that everyone has heard about.

Harrelson is great as Tallahassee – hes like a young Dennis Hopper with a southern accent and very big guns and he plays the complete opposite to Eisenberg – who plays the sensitive geeky guy perfectly. The film has a great script and if you can stomach the gory Zombies and cartoonish violence it’s a film well worth a look.

Directed by Ruben Fleischer


Woody Harrelson – Tallahassee
Jesse Eisenberg – Columbus
Emma Stone – Wichita
Abigail Breslin – Little Rock

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